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Zillow program could help more agents track their listings online

By March 5, 2015 One Comment

Zillow has launched a program that could provide another perk to real estate brokers and multiple listing services that send their listings directly to the popular search website.

Zillow Tech Connect: Reports, the newest branch of the Zillow Tech Connect Program, will allow vendors that show agents how their listings perform online to also provide analytics on Zillow listings, as long as those listings are sourced directly from brokers or MLSs.

Greg Schwartz, Zillow Group chief revenue officer, noted that the real estate search giant already provides performance metrics on Zillow listings to partners that implement the Zillow Data Dashboard, a free listing management and reporting platform that the company says gives MLS members and brokers more control over their listings.

But since Zillow “prides itself on being an open platform,” the firm is “happy to offer MLSs and brokers the opportunity to use the reporting solution they are most comfortable with and best fits their needs,” Schwartz said.

ListTrac, which was tracking listing performance metrics for 210,000 agents in January, is the first company to join Zillow Tech Connect: Reports.

ListTrac collects listing performance information on websites where a listing appears and feeds it into dashboards for listing agents and brokers.

Now that ListTrac has joined Zillow Tech Connect: Reports, those dashboards can show how listings engage consumers on Zillow, helping further fill out the picture of online listing metrics that the firm draws for users, said Trent Gardner, CEO of ListTrac.

Zillow debuted Zillow Tech Connect in 2013 to allow real estate software providers to synchronize their products with Zillow.

It later expanded the program into two separate branches — Zillow Tech Connect: Leads, Zillow Tech Connect: Reviews, and now Zillow Tech Connect: Reports.

Zillow Tech Connect: Leads allows technology companies like customer relationship management systems to create a more seamless experience for the brokers and agents who use Zillow as a key component of their marketing efforts.

Zillow Tech Connect: Reviews, which debuted in late 2014, lets agents display Zillow reviews on their websites.

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