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WFG Lender Services is a national settlement services company that applies its superior technology and closing processes to take time out of the real estate transaction. At WFG Lender Services we strive to adapt our services to meet the needs of the customer, rather than forcing the customer to adapt to ours. At a time when mortgage lenders need flexibility and speed from their partners, WFG Lender Services will deliver.


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MBA Newslink: Here’s How WFG is Solving the Major Pain Points Facing the Mortgage Industry

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In the current MBA Newslink, Dan Bailey, Senior Vice President of both WFG Lender Services and WFG Enterprise Solutions, describes the steps WFG is taking “to make sure the products, programs, and services being developed for the mortgage industry will address its most urgent needs.” According to Bailey, last October,…

WFG Chief Human Resources Officer, Heather Krablin, on managing HR throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

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Starting any new job is a challenge, but for Heather Krablin, stepping in as WFG’s Chief Human Resources Officer days before a pandemic swept the globe meant hopping in at top speed and drawing the road map as she went. “I was very thankful that [WFG] already had [a pandemic…

RON isn’t the miracle answer to all our questions

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Focusing on a single tool won’t bring the innovations this industry desires Remote Online Notarizations (RON) have been heralded as an important element in digitizing the mortgage process, a transformation that was accelerated during 2020 as COVID-19 forced transaction participants online. However, cautions WFG Executive Chairman and Founder, Patrick Stone,…

Vaccinations and Stimulus Infusion Inspire Optimism for 2021 from WFG Executive Chairman and Founder, Patrick Stone, and Economist Dr. Bill Conerly

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In their live April 21, 2021 webinar, WFG Executive Chairman and Founder, Patrick Stone, and economist Dr. Bill Conerly discussed prospects for economic growth, the real estate and stock markets, and prospects for housing inventory in response to questions submitted in advance by their growing audience of mortgage and title…