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WFG Lender Services is a national settlement services company that applies its superior technology and closing processes to take time out of the real estate transaction. At WFG Lender Services we strive to adapt our services to meet the needs of the customer, rather than forcing the customer to adapt to ours. At a time when mortgage lenders need flexibility and speed from their partners, WFG Lender Services will deliver.


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Appraising an AMC’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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In this June 18 article, co-written for Progress in Lending by Sean Pyle and Patrick Brown, the authors explain how the business of property appraisal had to make radical adjustments in order to survive the economic upheaval of COVID-19. Importantly, those changes made in the heat of such an uncompromising…

FORES Check: These Predictions from WFG’s Patrick Stone Happened Faster Than Expected

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A highlight of January’s Future of Real Estate Summit (FORES) was Qualia CEO Nate Baker’s interview with Patrick F. Stone, in which he asked the Williston Financial Group Chairman and Founder for his thoughts on the future of the title and mortgage lending industries. Pat’s responses were laid out in…

The 2020 Thought Leader Award Winners Are …

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For its 10th Annual Innovations Awards for 2020, PROGRESS In Lending has added a “Thought Leaders Award” category. On June 16, it was announced that Dan Bailey, Senior Operations Executive and SVP for WFG Lender Services and WFG Enterprise Solutions, is one of the winners. The award spotlights women and…

Dan Bailey SVP, WFG Lender Services and Enterprise Solutions discusses three ways COVID-19 will change mortgage lending forever

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NEXT’s Jeri Yoshida asks WFG Lender Services and Enterprise Solutions SVP Dan Bailey for three ways COVID-19 will change mortgage lending forever. Dan’s number one response is that the sales and marketing of mortgage lending services are “never going to be the same.” Given that quarantining has made borrowers more…