Engage, Collaborate & Accelerate with MyHome® Exchange.

Find out how you can get your customers refinanced faster and with less frustrations with MyHome® Exchange

WFG Enterprise Solutions introduces a better way to engage with borrowers. MyHome® Exchange brings the borrower on board early in the refinance transaction, minimizing application-to-close turn-times and ensuring an accelerated settlement experience! Adapted from WFG’s hugely popular MyHome® platform for the residential resale market, Exchange makes it even easier for borrowers to submit their required information and documents.

Timing is everything!

Surging mortgage refinances have exacerbated transaction delays. Redundant emails, lost documents, and chasing down critical data not only slow down the settlement process, they frustrate borrowers and lenders as well. MyHome® Exchange is an easy-to-use environment that creates a single, secure, online window into each closing. It enhances communication and transparency, and provides a better borrower experience. It streamlines the settlement process and increases throughput by eliminating duplicate touchpoints, enabling proactive communication, and facilitating data and document collection, storage and sharing.

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