One of America’s Fastest-Growing Title Insurance Companies

WFG Lender Services: Providing cutting-edge innovation, world-class service, and up-to-the-minute compliance

WFG Lender Services is redefining title and settlement services. Our expedited nationwide title searches and comprehensive settlement services for mortgage refinance and home equity lending continue to raise customer satisfaction to levels far above our competitors. Backed by expert teams, our comprehensive suite of title products ensures your title needs are fully satisfied: from legal and vesting and property reports, to title insurance commitments and policies. And, when you are ready to close, our settlement experts are there to coordinate document preparation and execution with your borrowers and our curated panel of signing agents. Our complete portfolio of end-to-end origination products and services includes:
  • Real-time pricing for all of our products
  • One-touch ordering for all services (including title and settlement services)
  • One point of contact for your title questions and settlement coordination
  • Integration and product delivery through your LOS

National Coverage with Personalized Service

An affiliate of national underwriter WFG National Title Insurance Company, we understand state and regional nuances. We will partner with you to ensure that your transactions are handled efficiently every time. We will adapt our systems and workflows to meet your requirements, changing the system rules and operational flow to suit your business needs. This adds up to a personalized experience that maximizes efficiency, generates cost savings, and improves your borrowers’ experience. With reporting tools that enable us to monitor our order pipeline in real time, we proactively allocate resources to areas of concern, resolving issues before they become problems and avoiding processing delays: 95% of our title research is delivered ahead of SLAs. Our service levels consistently exceed customer expectations and our average communication response time is just 17 seconds. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is consistently over 80 compared to a SurveyMonkey Finance Industry benchmark of less than 50. That is the top of the NPS scorecard, which qualifies WFG Lender Services as “world class.”

Know Property Title Status – Instantly

WFG Lender Services uses a proprietary new automated title status decision engine called DecisionPoint™. It projects title clearance status and requirements, including projected completion times, within seconds using only the borrower’s name and the property address. You will know almost instantly how long your title request will take to process and any curative steps needed prior to closing.
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