As a strategic partner, WFG Enterprise Solutions succeeds only when our customers succeed. Therefore, our clients’ success comes before our own. This corporate philosophy permeates the entire Williston Financial Group family of companies, and enabled us to become one of only six national title underwriters faster than any other company in history. Our Enterprise Solutions’ origination services group is comprised of WFG Lender Services, which provides centralized title and closing services, and Valutrust Solutions, LLC, a national valuation services provider and appraisal management company. WFG Enterprise Solutions employs ongoing performance improvement measures and proactive communication with our customers to assess changing needs and satisfaction. Using real-time service level reporting and quality management tools, we consistently maintain unsurpassed customer retention figures. Driving the customer experience are WFG’s “Three Cs” – Communicate, Collaborate and Co-exist. Not only do we work in close collaboration with our customers, but also create a fully transparent relationship that elevates our performance and deepens our communication.
As Dan Bailey, Senior Vice President of both WFG Enterprise Solutions and WFG Lender Services, says, “Partnership is key. We sit down with our clients to really understand their problems and then develop solutions to save them time, close more transactions, and provide a superior borrower experience.”

Proactive performance management

Prior to onboarding we conduct an assessment of your unique business needs, present solutions that can help improve your operation, and investigate areas where we might create customized products and services for you. In addition, we use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system to further measure our performance and customer satisfaction. The feedback we receive from it allows us to continually enhance our service levels, currently in the high 70s and above and considered “world class.”

Collaboration and customization

Through continuous communication we can adapt our proprietary technology, which is designed to adjust to suit the clients’ unique needs. Two recent examples are DecisionPoint, which provides immediate decisioning for the vast majority of U.S. properties and immediate title clearance for approximately 30 percent of them, and Valutrust, a turnkey, end-to-end appraisal and valuation service/ordering and delivery system. Developing tools for increased collaboration – between WFG, our clients, and their consumers – is MyHome® Exchange. It gives lenders an intuitive means of engaging their borrowers upfront and keeps them involved through the entire transaction. Adapted from WFG’s hugely popular MyHome platform for the residential resale market, it facilitates borrowers submitting information and documents required to process their loan.

Team up with WFG Enterprise Solutions

Communication, collaboration and customization are at the heart of the customer experience for WFG Enterprise Solutions’ lender clients. Begin that process by contacting us today, and speaking with a representative about your business goals.