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‘When a******s send you referrals, it’s other a******s': Leigh Brown

By January 31, 2015 One Comment

When Leigh Brown can’t accept new business, she routes it to two other real estate agents in her market.

One agent is “good,” so she gets the “good people,” Brown said.

The other?

“I refer all the assholes to [her] because her personality fits them,” she said.

That business strategy jibed with her message for real estate agents at Real Estate Connect: you shouldn’t try to be everything to everyone.

Many real estate agents’ impulse to pander to buyers and sellers of all stripes is one big reason why they have such a lousy image, Brown said.

“The consumers don’t trust us as an industry,” she said. “It’s because we have put off a persona that it isn’t who we are as individuals.”

Brown embraces the fact that she only appeals to a certain segment of the population. They’re the people who’ve already decided they like her based on her colorful rants on YouTube, not the “boring people.”

“I know I’m not for everybody, and I’m perfectly cool with that because I don’t want to work with every asshole out there,” she said, noting that, “when assholes send you referrals, it’s other assholes.”

Real estate agents are best served by focusing on working with people who they mesh with.

That’s why Brown refers people who ask her to show homes on Sunday to other real estate agents.

“I ain’t giving up Jesus for a real state transaction,” she said.

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