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WFG Enterprise Solutions’ Dan Bailey tells MBA Now how collaboration with customers and industry professionals guides product development

By April 8, 2021 One Comment

WFG Enterprise Solutions is a respected provider of products and services across the mortgage lifecycle, from origination, title and closing, home equity and valuation, to back-end processing for default and foreclosure services.  On a recent episode of MBANow, host Rob Van Raaphorst asked WFG Enterprise Solutions’ Senior Vice President, Dan Bailey, to tell the mortgage bankers in his audience about WFG’s latest collaborative outreach to customers and industry professionals through a new executive roundtable.

“We spend a lot of time working with our customers, collaborating with our customers, and surveying our customers,” Bailey explained.  “Last year we formed an executive roundtable with a number of our customers and some industry professionals to figure out what their challenges are.  And it was everything from what you would expect when you see a lot of new employees and new entrants into the workforce – from training to collaboration, and process efficiency – those were the main things that we were hearing from our customers.”

Van Raaphorst asked how that is guiding development of new products and services at WFG.

Bailey discussed a new product called MyHome® Exchange, which was launched in 2020, that helps collect borrower information.  According to Bailey, MyHome® Exchange helps facilitate and expedite a transaction to help it close faster, while also providing a method to communicate with borrowers so they can keep up to date on where their transaction is.  Bailey also discussed WFG’s DecisionPoint® product that helps expedite the title delivery by keeping customers up to date on how long it is going to take to get and clear title.

Van Raaphorst was curious about what lies ahead for WFG.

Bailey explained, “We have a number of products that we’re going to launch throughout [2021]: enhancements to our MyHome® Exchange and enhancements to our DecisionPoint® platform that we’re really excited about.  And [in] our Default Services program, we have new products and services that we have launched there.  So throughout the year we’re going to continue to collaborate with our customers, learn what we can create to help them, and foster and promote a better overall mortgage experience for borrowers.”