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Tool tracks listing performance on more than 70 international sites

By January 28, 2015 One Comment

Agents and brokers who advertise their listings through global syndicator Previsite are now tracking listing performance on more than 70 portals worldwide through a partnership with real estate software development firm ListTrac.

Fourteen multiple listing services representing 210,000 agents have signed up for ListTrac’s free listing monitoring tool, which measures how many views and leads a listing receives from MLS public-facing sites and Internet data exchange (IDX) websites.

ListTrac is in talks with Zillow and Trulia to discuss implementing ListTrac’s monitoring code on their sites, said ListTrac CEO Trent Gardner. He said the two portals are getting many requests from MLSs and brokers to implement the code.

“The portals have reviewed our implementation and, I believe, have been hesitant to give us their data directly. We’ve been working very hard to make them feel comfortable that we’ll only share their data on a broker/agent level and not in the aggregate,” Gardner said.

In the meantime, ListTrac’s deal with Previsite means that agents and brokers in more than 40 countries will be able to monitor their listing activity on websites with a reach of 100 million potential buyers.

“We are bringing ListTrac technology to the world,” said Darren Bondy, chief operating officer of Previsite, in a statement.

The tool will help agents measure how well their international marketing is working, Bondy said.

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