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Stephanie Crawford: ‘My WordPress website accounts for half our business’

By February 24, 2015 One Comment

Inman is interviewing real estate professionals in every area of the field to talk about technology use. Here’s Stephanie Crawford, a Realtor/broker at Keller Williams Realty.

What kind of phone do you use and why?

I have an iPhone 5s. I’ve tried Android in the past, but Apple just works better. I use voice-to-text a lot, so that feature is key.

What are your top three apps on your phone?

Mail, Feedly and Fantastical Calendar.

How do you split your digital time: how much mobile, how much desktop?

I’d say 60 percent mobile and 40 percent desktop. I consume information via mobile and push it out through the computer.

What do you do every day? How does technology support (or not support) your daily job description?

I’m the lead agent with a small team. My website “makes it rain,” so I spend a lot of time there. It’s actually in redesign right now — we’re getting a new theme and new IDX (Internet data exchange). It’s mostly complete, but we’re awaiting a few tweaks.

Do you consider yourself an early adopter of technology? Or do you wait to see what’s working for other people?

Early adopter. I’m a gadget girl all the way. Stephanie “Beta Tester” Crawford!

What’s the biggest technology-related challenge you face today? How do you solve it?

The MLS (multiple listing service). Ours is a bit clunky and not at all mobile-friendly. It is being updated now, but I’m not sure it is going to help. Already I find the Redfin app more helpful.

What do you think is the biggest overall challenge facing the real estate industry? Will technology be able to address it?

The complexity and the legality of it all. The disclaimers are more pages than the contracts already. Tech is helping — especially with mobile signing — but we lose a little of the client connection when using it.

How do you feel technology is changing the real estate industry? Are these changes making the industry better or worse? Why?

For the better, I think. It’s become more transparent, and the public appreciates that.

What email system(s) do you use? Which one is your favorite?

A business account through Google. It’s portable, mobile and lets me keep an eye on my team members if need be. I also love all the the Chrome extensions.

Which CMS do you use? What do you like about it, and what feature do you wish it would add in the future?

We use Contactually. It’s innovate, but a little glitchy. I wish it updated my Google contacts automatically. There’s an app, but it isn’t the same. I aspire to use BombBomb more often, but as an agent who works primarily from home, I’m not always camera-ready.

Do you use a calendar app? Which one? What do you like about it?

Fantastical 2 on the recommendation of Chris Smith. I enjoy its user interface, and it also interfaces with my to-do list.

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Do you use digital documents, which one? Why?

Yes, we use dotloop. It’s an interactive experience because of my affiliation with KW (Keller Williams). It’s my favorite piece of tech that KW provides. No longer do I have stacks of PDFs in my Dropbox or desktop. It’s all neatly organized in the ‘loop.

Do you own a camera? What kind? What do you like about it?

Just my iPhone camera; I generally hire a pro for my listings. I back up my photos in a Dropbox folder automatically. This allows me to clear out the history frequently to conserve space.

What kind of laptop or tablet (or both) do you own?

Macbook Air. I’m a fairly recent convert from PC — it’s da bomb!

Do you have a Nest thermostat in your home?

No, but I’d like one!

Do you play games on any of your devices? Which ones?

Oh yeah. Words with Friends, Quiz Up and Flow on my phone. Sudoku 2 on my iPad. I swore off Candy Crush as my New Year resolution. #timesuck!

Which websites do you visit every day? Why?

Facebook, MLS, Gmail, Evernote, YouTube, dotloop, Contactually, Brivity, Mint and Feedly. I follow many blogs via Feedly. If I see something I’d like to look further into, I bookmark it. This triggers an IFTTT recipe, which emails the article to me.

Which social media app do you use the most on your phone? Your tablet? Your computer?

Facebook on all. I have profiles on others, but don’t use them nearly as often.

What’s on your technology wish list — for yourself or for work?

Google Glass — though I hear they’re discontinuing production. I don’t want it for work but to catch quick candids of my dogs! Also, I’d love Cloud Streams to come to my area. Looks like very a very cool program to use with buyers.

Where do you get most of your leads: portals or other sources?

My own WordPress website. It’s been around for close to a decade. Google ranks it higher than Zillow for some pretty competitive Nashville searches. It accounts for more than half of our business.

What is your favorite technology, one you actually get joy out of using?

Evernote. Such a nifty little program. And useful! I’ve moved every PDF out of “My Documents” and into Evernote. I use it for scripts, training, planning, note-taking, web clipping, saving receipts and more. Between Evernote, Gmail and Dropbox, literally my entire computer is backed up.

What is your favorite “unplugged” activity?

Relaxation yoga, binging on HBO and Showtime serials, and eating out at all the “New Nashville” restaurants. You wouldn’t believe the growth our city is experiencing. I’m a native and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a great time to be selling real estate in Nashville!

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