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Q3 2023 Quarterly Economic Outlook webinar with WFG Chairman and Founder Patrick Stone and economist Bill Conerly, PhD

By September 14, 2023 One Comment

Dive into the riveting revelations from WFG’s Q3 Economic Outlook webinar that took place on September 12th. WFG National Title Insurance Company’s Founder and Chairman, Patrick F. Stone, along with renowned Economist and distinguished Forbes contributor, Bill Conerly, Ph.D., illuminated current market scenarios, providing insight into the economy and the U.S. housing market. Their discourse spanned a range of topics – from forecasts of a recession and interest rates, to the persistent effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and our national debt. They painted both short and long-term visions for the housing and title insurance industries, forecasted potential property appreciation, provided an update on title alternatives, and probed the swelling home demand among Millennials and Gen Z. On the commercial front, they also examined real estate and financing trends. The duo also offered invaluable advice for business owners to seize opportunity amidst economic downturns. Over 1,600 industry professionals who registered were privy to this enlightening live webinar, and had their pre-submitted questions addressed by Bill and Pat. Don’t miss out– watch the replay now.