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Q2 2023 Quarterly Economic Outlook webinar with WFG Chairman and Founder Patrick Stone and economist Bill Conerly, PhD

By May 30, 2023 One Comment

During WFG’s Q2 Economic Outlook webinar on May 25th, WFG National Title Insurance Company Chairman and Founder Patrick F. Stone and noted Economist and Forbes contributor Bill Conerly, Ph.D. addressed current market conditions, sharing their thoughts on the economy and the U.S. housing market. Discussion topics included the short- and long-range outlooks for the housing and title insurance industries, property value projections, home improvement activity, the use of title alternatives, the spread between the 10-year treasury and 30-year mortgage rates, commercial real estate lending and refinancing trends, the recent bank failings, regional real estate activity, the U.S. dollar as a global currency, the impact of AI on the real estate industry, and suggestions on how business owners can take advantage of the downturn in the economy. Bill and Pat also answered pre-submitted questions from the more than 1,000 industry professionals who registered for and attended the live webinar. Watch the replay now.