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Q1 2024 Quarterly Economic Outlook webinar with WFG Chairman and Founder Patrick Stone and economist Bill Conerly, PhD

By March 27, 2024 One Comment

Entering its fifth year with momentum, WFG launched its Q1 2024 Economic Outlook series with a dynamic live audience presentation during the company’s first-ever Agency Executive Summit in March. This exclusive event included top-level executives from both current and prospective members of the WFG Agency Network, providing them with an opportunity to interact directly with industry luminaries — including WFG Chairman and Founder Patrick Stone and esteemed Economist and Forbes columnist Dr. Bill Conerly.

During this first quarterly 2024 installment of the much-anticipated series, Stone and Conerly offered an insightful exploration into both the US and global economic landscapes, with a deep dive into the realm of real estate. During their respective portions of the presentation Stone and Conerly touched upon crucial topics, including interest rate forecasts, home equity trends, the balance of housing supply against demand, and performance across the residential builder and commercial sectors, among others. Other topics of discussion included median home prices and variations by region and loan quality. The presentation wrapped up with Stone sharing strategic insights to help the company’s title agents amidst market challenges.