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Podcast: Better customer satisfaction through collaboration

By October 9, 2020 One Comment

In Dan Bailey‘s October 9 appearance on Partnership in Lending’s “Lending Buzz” podcast, the Senior Vice President of WFG Enterprise Solutions and Lender Services discussed with Tony Garritano how the pandemic has changed operations at WFG and how its latest release can usher in greater collaboration and improved customer satisfaction.

Bailey explained that once COVID reached pandemic status in America, WFG quickly transitioned to a full work-from-home solution thanks to continuity plans that had been reviewed and updated throughout its ten-year history.

With that accomplished, the company experienced record high volumes.

“From our sales team to our operations team, we successfully continued to provide superior service to our customers while attracting and bringing on new customers,” he told Garritano.

Looking ahead, Bailey is optimistic about the future. Understandably, his focus was on MyHome Exchange, a new product from WFG Lender Services being released within days of the podcast’s airing. It is designed to foster greater collaboration between all the participants in a mortgage loan transaction.

“It’s a simple tool that solves a problem that often generates hundreds of emails, hundreds of phone calls, borrower frustration, and extends loan timeframes,” said Bailey. “MyHome Exchange seeks to solve all that … [and] shrink the time it takes for a lender to originate and then close the loan.”

Regarding the short-term future of the mortgage industry, Bailey feels “the influence of technology” is cause for optimism.

“I think that leveraging technology to solve challenges will continue to improve the customer experience and influence our marketplace and hopefully make it much easier for borrowers, lenders and title companies to process mortgage loan transactions,” he said.