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October Research’s 2024 State of the Industry special report

By January 26, 2024 One Comment

Discover the future of real estate in October Research’s 2024 State of the Industry special report, featuring insights from WFG Chairman and Founder, Patrick Stone. This comprehensive report offers a deep dive into the anticipated shifts in the real estate landscape, covering everything from the housing market trends to groundbreaking technology innovations set to revolutionize the industry. As we anticipate an economic upswing, it’s important to understand the implications of increased regulatory scrutiny from traditional and new regulators. What does this mean for mortgage lenders, appraisers, and settlement service providers? October Research’s special report brings you face-to-face with these changes, offering predictions, discussing compliance issues, and highlighting opportunities in the year ahead. The report also delves into new regulators on the scene, industry changes you cannot afford to miss, tech innovations affecting appraisers, and the impact of increased mortgage originations in the non-bank space on compliance. Download your copy today for an insider’s look into the future of the industry.