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MLS systems: The best, and all the rest

By March 6, 2015 One Comment

A multiple listing service system from Black Knight Financial Services has snagged the highest satisfaction ratings for the third year in a row in an annual survey of MLS executives by real estate consulting firm Clareity Consulting.

Among the countless technology tools available to them, agents consider the multiple listing service the most important, an Inman survey found earlier this year.

Black Knight’s Paragon XL and dynaConnections’ connectMLS both received perfect scores in Clareity’s 14th annual MLS Customer Satisfaction Survey. Among MLS systems with more than 10 MLS accounts, Black Knight’s Paragon and FBS’ Flexmls got top marks.

Source: 2015 Clareity MLS Satisfaction Survey

Source: 2015 Clareity MLS Satisfaction Survey

Note: Vendors or systems with more than 10 customers are indicated in blue and those with fewer than 10 customers are indicated in green.

CoreLogic’s Fusion, Matrix and InnoVia systems received middling scores for end-user satisfaction while Systems Engineering Inc.’s NAVICA Revolution, Rapattoni Corp’s Rapattoni MLS, and CoreLogic’s MLXchange got the worst scores.

When MLS execs were asked if they would select the same system again today if they had the decision to do over again, half of Fusion customers said they would “not likely” or “definitely not” select the same system.

Fusion has disappointed some MLSs due, in part, to its lack of mobile compatibility. Last year, CoreLogic announced it planned to install Matrix “for all Fusion customers in order to provide them with an HTML-based, mobile-friendly option.”

CoreLogic hired dozens of new staff to deal with the surge in Matrix installations, although satisfaction ratings indicate “there is still a widespread perception that the company is spread too thin to both convert those customers and new accounts to Matrix while providing a leading level of service to existing Matrix customers,” the Clareity survey said.

In particular, respondents complained of lack of speed regarding upgrades and enhancements and a need to improve responsiveness to client requests.

A third of CoreLogic MLXchange customers said they would not be likely to or definitely would not choose the same system, as did 31 percent of InnoVia customers and 24 percent of Rapattoni customers.

For Matrix and Paragon, those figures were 14 percent and 3 percent, respectively. All other survey respondents said they would choose the same system again.

MLXchange had the highest share of customers who said end-user satisfaction had decreased from the year before: 20 percent.

Source: 2015 Clareity MLS Customer Satisfaction Survey

Source: 2015 Clareity MLS Customer Satisfaction Survey

MLS executives from 236 MLSs representing 739,582 subscribers responded to Clareity’s satisfaction survey in January and February.

The following MLS systems had enough responses to be included in the survey results: Black Knight (Paragon 5 and Paragon XL), CoreLogic (Matrix, InnoVia, Fusion, and MLXchange platforms), dynaConnections (connectMLS), FBS (Flexmls), Rapattoni Corp. (Rapattoni MLS), and Systems Engineering (NAVICA Revolution MLS).

Stratus Data Systems, which was ranked highly in last year’s survey, was not included this year.

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