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MBA NOW: Dan Bailey, Senior Vice President at WFG Enterprise Solutions, joins MBA Now to discuss how WFG can make home equity lending more efficient.

By September 1, 2022 One Comment

With interest rates above 5% for the first time in years, there’s been a clear shift away from cash-out refinance transactions over to home equity loans. A leading provider of national home equity lending solutions, WFG Lender Services has been providing these services to top national lenders, regional banks and credit unions for more than a decade, closing more than a half a million home equity loans to date.

In this MBA NOW video interview, MBA Vice President of Communications Adam DeSanctis and WFG Enterprise Solutions SVP Dan Bailey discuss what makes WFG a leader in this market segment, including how the company is answering the call for integrated solutions and faster processing times, and how WFG’s home equity solutions differ from those offered by other providers.