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Innovative broker touts new ‘mobile-first’ website

By March 2, 2015 One Comment

Marking the broker’s latest effort to use technology to better serve and attract clients, San Francisco-based Pacific Union has unveiled a “mobile-first” website and set of mobile applications that it says will provide richer content, including updated information about “micro-markets” throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pacific Union contends that the new website’s focus on mobile gives the broker a leg up over the competition in a world where mobile is eclipsing desktop as the most popular digital experience.

“We know that our tech savvy clients are migrating from searching for real estate on their desktop computers, to tablets, and now to their smart phones,” said Pacific Union CEO Mark A. McLaughlin in a statement.

“With this new website designed for mobile, our clients have deeper, current information about listings and neighborhoods whenever they want it.”

In an email McLaughlin sent last week to colleagues announcing the website’s imminent launch, he said that nearly 40 percent of the traffic comes from mobile devices, and that he expects that number to exceed 50 percent by the year’s end.

He added that the broker would roll out a “significant regional and national advertising campaign” to support the launch of the revamped website, and advised Pacific Union real estate agents to complete the “configuration of your personal site.”

“Grounded in user research,” the new website was developed with teams from 1000watt, Boston Logic and Epsilon, according to Pacific Union.

Pacific Union prides itself on taking an innovative approach to real estate. The broker says its “Digital Listing Presentation” became the first in the industry to allow real estate professionals to present listings to clients on tablets and smart TVs.

Pacific Union has also devised a number of strategies to target high-flying Chinese nationals, including providing concierge services, surfacing its listings on Chinese-language websites and networking at events for the country’s silver spooners.

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