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Inman seeks weekly tech review columnist … Could it be you?

By February 5, 2015 No Comments

Are you a fiend for technology? Are you the person all your friends and colleagues ask about the latest gadget or app because they know you’ve tested it already and will have something valuable to say?

Inman wants your insight for a brand-new column featuring tech and gadget reviews. This is an exclusive opportunity to have your name and byline on Inman every single day in a high-traffic area, showing everyone in real estate exactly how tech-savvy you really are.

We’re seeking a tech user who has a way with words, a person who is passionate about how technology can change the face of an industry — and who won’t mince words about new products and features. You should have strong opinions about what works and what doesn’t work, and you should be able to articulate them and be willing to share them.

Sound enticing? Here are more details:

  • Our technology writer will be a part-time Inman staff member and will be identified as such on our website. This writer will have an exclusive column that runs at the same time every day, focusing on a different piece of technology, a gadget or an app.
  • Our technology writer must be reliable. We want someone who can produce five tech reviews every week.
  • Our technology writer must be cutting-edge. We depend on you to find the tech that everyone’s going to be talking about in a week or a month.
  • Our technology writer must be opinionated. Readers want to know if they should spend money on a new product, or even time learning how to navigate a free product. You must be comfortable giving a verdict on the product you review.

If this sounds like you, email your resume and a cover letter explaining why you’re the tech writer of our dreams to

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