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Inman announces daily real estate technology reviews — coming next week

By February 27, 2015 One Comment

Technology is supposed to make work — and life — easier. But the irony of our modern world is that oftentimes, it actually makes life more difficult.

How do you find the best software (or hardware) for your budget and work environment? How do you know that your hard-earned money is being well-spent on a technological solution to a problem? And how do you know whether the allegedly time-saving product you’re eyeing is actually going to save you time … or whether you’ll spend hours trying to figure it out before giving up entirely?

We feel your pain, which is why next week, Inman is launching a brand-new daily series of articles focused specifically on evaluating the technology you use in your real estate business.

Our new technology writer, Craig Rowe, has sold commercial, multi-family and residential real estate. He’s managed websites, directed marketing and written copy and content for assorted real estate businesses and clients; today, he’s a copywriting and marketing expert who also works as a wilderness guide (when he’s not chasing down and reviewing the latest gadget or software).

Look for his first real estate technology review on Monday morning, and every morning after that, exclusively for our Select audience on Inman.

And if you have suggestions for products that you’d like to see reviewed by our expert, you can email him at

Email Amber Taufen.

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