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Got floor plans? Here’s how to get a free 3-D model

By January 27, 2015 One Comment

Over the next few days, real estate agents can snatch up free virtual 3-D models of listings by uploading floor plans online.

The Swiss 3-D provider Archilogic has launched a giveaway of 3-D models to coincide with Real Estate Connect, which ends on January 30.

Click above to play around with a 3-D model produced by Archilogic. 

The free models won’t be able to capture the entirety of a multi-level home; they’re only available for single floors.

Real estate agents can expect to receive a model within 24 hours after submitting floor plans on Archilogic’s website, according to Adam Jasper, a spokesman for the company.

Like products offered by Matterport, Floored and InsideMaps, Archilogic’s models let users wander around virtual spaces much like you can in a video game.

In addition, users may switch around the furniture inside Archilogic’s models using a powerful virtual-staging tool. InsideMaps has released a similar tool, while Floored and Matterport have their own versions in development.

Archilogic is generating models of listings with floor plans for the Swiss listing portal, and says it’s in talks to do the same for other listing portals around the world.

The company has received multiple business inquiries from one major U.S. listing portal, according to Kaspar Helfrich, a co-founder of Archilogic. Helfrich declined to name the company.

Archilogic creates its models using an API (application programming interface) to process floor plans into barebones 3-D models that team members then touch up into more polished versions.

The company’s API has made the process of producing a 3-D models “an order of magnitude faster and cheaper” than in the past, when 3-D providers needed much more processed data than simple floor plans to render models, according Adam Jasper, a spokesman for Archilogic.

“This is a seriously disruptive technology for real estate,” Jasper said. “These models potentially make 3D virtual-reality models cheaper than digital photographs — or for the next days, free.”


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