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Free Twitter tool delivers real estate leads to your email inbox

By February 20, 2015 One Comment

Twitter can be frustrating for me. Have you ever felt that way? The typical advice about posting great content, responding to tweets and engaging with people seems easy. But then you log in and see the mess that is millions of tweets being sent daily. I don’t know about you, but I find it overwhelming.

So, here’s a quick method that searches Twitter for you and then sends you an email every time someone posts something related to buying, selling or moving!

This means you can actively engage hot leads in real time without having to constantly monitor Twitter.

Here’s how to get free leads from Twitter:

The process here is simple! You’re going to be using a tool called IFTTT to set up an alert. This alert is going to be triggered every time someone tweets about something near you.

To make this easy, I’ve made up a script for you.

Type this into the tool:

“House hunt,” “house hunting,” “moving soon,” “moving to” or “headed for” and the city of your choice — for example, “Dallas.”

You can add as many of those search terms as you’d like. I recommend experimenting with it on Twitter’s search function before you set up the automatic trigger.

Make sure you remove search phrases that are too broad and find ones that I didn’t list. Be sure to comment below if there is a phrase that works well for you!

Now you have to tell IFTTT to send you an email every time someone tweets using the words you’re tracking. You also have to be sure to use a location near you. This system will obviously work a lot better in markets where the general population uses Twitter frequently.

To set up the email sequence, I connected the IFTTT account to my Gmail account. This allows IFTTT to send emails to me through my mail account.

You’ll want to make sure you white-list or save the email list IFTTT uses as “not spam.” This is just a precaution; I’ve sometimes seen their emails hit my spam folders. And you really don’t want these leads landing in the spam folders, do you?

That’s it! It’s a really simple system to integrate into your marketing. I find that there are typically three to five good leads (and many more bad leads) that come out of Twitter per month in a bigger city.

That’s not going to supply enough leads for your entire business. But it is another source of leads to add to what you already have going on.

Look at this tweet from earlier this month:

real estate social media and twitter

I’m not sure if Rob will be buying (or selling). He says he is in school, so he probably isn’t a potential client. But responding with a personalized message to a tweet like that is a much better use of your time than tweeting listing after listing!

Have you set something like this up for your business? How do you use Twitter to build your incoming leads?

Tyler Zey is the digital marketing director and contributing editor for the Real Estate Digital Marketing blog on

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