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Don’t just curate videos, brand them

By February 3, 2015 One Comment

Real estate consulting firm Real Trends has partnered with video curation platform Tagible to offer real estate pros a branded way to present video content to consumers and their communities.

Tagible by Real Trends allows brokerages, associations and agents to collect videos from a variety of video platforms — including YouTube, Vimeo, WeVideo and Wistia — into a video library hosted on their own websites and on a Tagible website branded to them.

The platform’s users can pull in videos one by one, or by channel or playlist to their branded Tagible-powered video library, Travis Sexton, Real Trends’ manager of technology and marketing, told Inman. They also have access to a library of 10,000 real estate videos curated by Real Trends and the ability to send video-integrated newsletters, he said.

Among the other perks users of the tool receive include the ability to showcase videos stripped of the ads that show up before and after videos and the ability to to curate their own list of suggested videos that pop up after the videos end, Sexton said.

While Tagible provides this video curation platform for a number of industries, Real Trends is its exclusive partner in the real estate space, Sexton said.

The Colorado Association of Realtors, the New Mexico Association of Realtors and Scottsdale, Arizona-based brokerage Arizona Best Real Estate are among the 50 associations and 40 brokerages that have already signed up for the tool, Sexton said. The firm has 100 agent clients, he added.

Screen shot of Arizona Best Real Estate’s branded Tagible page.

“The platform allows us to coordinate content with our local associations, and it serves as a valuable communication vehicle to our members, the public and industry stakeholders,” said Wes Parham, CAR’s director of professional and business development, in a statement.

Prices for the platform range from $9 per month for agents, $49 per month for associations and $99 per month for brokerages. Prices go up depending on how many contacts users want to send video newsletters out to.

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