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Big real estate company providing remodeling history of listings

By February 17, 2015 One Comment

Windermere Real Estate is teaming up with home remodeling network Porch to make the remodeling and project history of more than 30,000 listings available on and across Windermere agent websites.

Much like Porch’s partnership with, the deal seems designed to generate leads for real estate agents while providing exposure for Porch, in addition to adding value to a real estate search experience.

Windermere claims to be the “largest regional real estate company in the Western U.S.” with over 7,000 agents and Porch says it has data on over 3.2 million professionals and 130 million projects.


Screen shot showing a Windermere listing page with the hyperlinks “Renovation Stats” and “Renovation History,” which take visitors to Porch Home Reports

Prospective buyers can view a “Porch Home Report” on by clicking on hyperlinks — “Renovation History” and “Neighborhood Stats” — displayed on listings that appears on and Windermere agent websites operated by Moxi Works, a real estate software provider spun off from Windermere Real Estate.

Reports on properties listed by a Windermere real estate agent are “provided” by that agent, with the agent’s photo and contact information appearing prominently at the top of every report alongside Windermere branding.

Prospective buyers are informed that the agent providing the report “will contact you soon to see if you have any questions.”

Porch has a similar partnership with

Visitors to listings who request a property report are sent one on behalf of a real estate agent advertising with while the advertising agent receives the visitor’s email address.

Reports on properties listed by agents with brokers that compete with Windermere do not show an agent’s photo or contact information, but they do display Windermere branding.

Each “Porch Home Report,” shows the cost and details of past projects and remodels on a home, background information for professionals that have previously worked on the home and its neighborhood, and neighborhood statistics, such as how long neighbors have lived in their homes and the size, age and cost of comparable neighborhood homes.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct that only properties listed by Windermere are “provided” by Windermere agents.

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