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3 types of real estate content for targeting specific leads

By February 6, 2015 One Comment

As a Realtor, you’re going to have some main areas of content that you consistently mine for your real estate blog ideas. And hopefully, you mine those areas consciously, using some ideas to draw in a particular audience and other ideas to boost your keyword rankings. The key is to be aware of why you’re creating these different types of content because if you know your purpose, you can execute a more intuitive plan.

Community content

Community content is simply what’s happening in your town. Is there a big event taking place right now? Maybe some new construction that people would like to understand better? Or maybe there’s even a celebrity moving in!

The purpose of this type of content is to engage your audience. It shows that you’re informed about the community, and it helps elevate your brand in the eyes of your viewers. This type of content is suitable for real estate for these reasons:

  • It has SEO value. If people are searching for an event that happened and you’re the only blogger to cover it right away, your foresight can drive a new source of traffic to your real estate website.
  • It’s also great for social networks like Facebook. People love reading about what’s going on around them (and not so much about why they should work with you).
  • If you have a newsletter that people are subscribing to, keep in mind when they sign up for this type of content they most likely are not in the buying or selling stage yet. You need to nurture these leads and become the hub of real estate to them so when they are ready to sell or buy, you’re the first person who comes to mind.

What kind of leads will this content attract? Not necessarily immediate buyers or sellers. But if you nurture them over time with quality, specialized, local real estate content, then they will look to you as their real estate resource.

Intent keyword content

Not many people search for “top Realtors in my city” or “listing agents in my city” unless they have an intention to sell or buy in the near future. When creating content for these real estate keywords, you want to keep a couple things in mind:

  • This type of content doesn’t carry much value for your audience. People most likely don’t wish to see this on their Facebook or in their email.
  • The terms are going to be competitive, but success will also drive the ripest leads to your doorstep.
  • Don’t include calls to action in the content that are specially designed to turn the visitor into a lead. If they’re incoming from a search for “best agents in Orange County,” you need to include an offer that will get them to contact you — for example, “free consultation.” Understand why they sought you out and how they got to you, and use that information to create an offer that converts them.

What types of leads will this content attract? Clients who are ready to buy or sell. These are hot leads; your job is to convert as many visitors into leads as possible with offers that attract them.

Interesting real estate content

This comes in the shape of questions you might be answering from buyers and sellers through writing them up in a blog post, or maybe some mortgage rate or market updates. Use this type of content to establish yourself as a resource and keep your audience updated on all the latest real estate trends.

You only need to create this kind of content a couple times a month to establish yourself as an expert to your audience. Giving your audience too much of this content will kill any excitement they get from the updates, and you don’t want reading your content to seem like a chore!

What kind of leads will this attract? Use this type of content to nurture your current audience rather than to find new leads. Pull them in with community content, show off your knowledge with real estate content and become their go-to expert.

The more targeted your real estate lead generation efforts are, the more results you’re going to get out of them. Producing content on your blog is the first step — strategically creating content to attract the leads you want to reel in is the next.

Andrew Gale is the founder of FlyerCo.

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