mbapre-printed contractsreal estateRegulationsSelectTodd Ewing
January 23, 2015

Preprinted real estate contracts could get you fined

It’s a seemingly innocuous practice, some say a convenience, but many real estate agents are steering their brokerages toward enormous fines and unwanted attention from state and federal regulators — and they don’t even realize it. Preprinting the names of third-party service providers onto your real estate contracts when your brokerage…
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licensingNARnar membershipraise the barRegulationsSelect
January 19, 2015

Tests trample many in stampede for real estate licenses

Interest in a career in real estate sales continues to rebound in nearly every state in the union, but not everyone who wants in on the action is able to obtain their license right off the bat. Last year, half of the nearly 28,000 people taking Florida’s licensing exam for…
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marijuanaMatt Chapdelainemedical marijuanapot dispensariesRegulationsSelect
January 16, 2015

Property search engine will serve budding pot industry

A new start-up has ambitions of becoming the Zillow of property search for marijuana growers and landlords who are willing to rent their properties to people in the budding industry. The new service, HerbFront, will offer zoning maps to identify areas that are legal for farming marijuana, warehousing and retail…
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Leigh BrownMLSNAROpinionreal estateRegulationsSelect
January 7, 2015

Why NAR is important to me

One of these days, I’ll learn to leave all of the Facebook groups that time-suck and energy-suck me to pieces. That’s a New Year’s resolution for you. But there are some groups that are so valuable and integral to what I do that I’m going to stay loyal to them,…
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