Make the Most of Internet-based Leads

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Make the Most of Internet-based Leads

Used to be, if you just threw a website up and added an IDX property search, you could get a few people to sign up and maybe buy a house with you. Those were the early days of Internet lead generation. Times have changed. Now, everybody has a site with a blog and an IDX feed, and it’s getting harder and harder to just get leads on your site, much less convert them into sales. These days, you can either buy leads from places like Zillow or your own broker, or leverage your own site to generate your own. So what are you doing to optimize your site and maximize your lead conversion?

The process of generating a lead, nurturing it and, ultimately, converting it into closed business is long and complex. It begins with an accessible and well-ranked website, a user-friendly interface and IDX provider, and an effective lead capture system. From there, you must have a method of qualifying the lead and tracking and maintaining it. A solid CRM platform is a must. Once you’ve determined that a lead is worth keeping, you must create an ongoing relationship that is nurturing, but not too pushy. All of this takes time, training, and finesse.

Whether you decide to buy leads, or generate your own, it is crucial to have a solid follow-through plan that gets you from that first e-mail or phone call all the way to the closing. Take a look at this brief guide to lead generation and nurturing from the NAR’s Center for Realtor Technology.


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