8 Things Your Car Needs Before Any Client Home Tour

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8 Things Your Car Needs Before Any Client Home Tour

In over a decade as a buyer’s agent, I learned a few tricks to help make those long tour days a little smoother. Aside from simply being washed and clean of all the garbage you tossed in the backseat when you went previewing, there are a few simple items you want to stock that will keep your clients informed, comfortable, and impressed.

  1. Gas: Obvious? Yes. Do way too many agents still forget to get gas ahead of time? Yes. This is an amateur mistake that even veterans commonly make, but there’s really no excuse.
  2. Bottled water and snacks: Think of your clients like you would guests in your home. Keep them comfortable with snacks and water, so that those mid-tour hunger pangs don’t start negatively impacting their attitudes. Go a step further and create your own custom snack pack with local goodies.
  3. Listing printouts: Always print two copies of the listings you plan to see. One set for you, and one for your client. Be sure to give them the version that doesn’t include the listing agent’s contact info.
  4. Maps: Even in the age of Google, printed maps can be incredibly handy for tours, especially if your clients are from out of town. Plot out the homes for them, and maybe include details they need like schools, groceries and restaurants. Jauntful is perfect for these.


  1. Phone charger/ splitter: Everybody is gonna be on their phones a lot during a tour. Be sure to bring a car charger for your phone, and remind your clients to grab theirs. Bonus points if you get a splitter for USB cords so you can all charge at once.
  2. Notepad: After looking at a few homes, it’s easy for them to start blurring together. Encourage your clients to take notes and write down pros and cons of each home. These days, a lot of people will use their phones or tablets for this, but bringing a pad for them will make you look prepared, regardless.
  3. Umbrella: Weather is unpredictable. You never know when it might turn nasty, and it’s likely your clients won’t think to bring their own. Again, it’s more about image, than anything. They’ll be impressed with your forethought, even if they don’t use it.
  4. Your e-key: Last, but definitely not least, bring your e-key. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in an area where you can simply use your phone, you need an e-key to get access to listings. Every agent has had that horrifying moment when they get to the lockbox and realize they’ve forgotten their key. And don’t forget to charge it!


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