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Fantastical: Calendar and task manager with voice recognition

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Fantastical2-Calendar-App-169x300If you’re familiar with the original Fantastical calendar for Mac operating systems, you’ll LOVE the new iPhone app (dubbed Fantasical 2).  In fact, if you’re a power calendar user, it may be the best $3.99 you’ll spend in a long time.

With the new Fantastical 2 app, you can easily manage your events and schedules while quickly viewing your day “at a glance” via the day ticker, or new weekly landscape view.

Plus, you can now add events and tasks by simply speaking them into the app with the new voice recognition feature. So, if you have an office meeting at 10am on the second Tuesday of every month, you simply speak (and yes you CAN still type) those words into the app and it will set the repeating time, date, and location automatically.

In addition, iPhone Reminders are now fully integrated into Fantastical 2 in that they show up in the calendar view alongside your other events by default.

These additions make viewing and creating new events and reminders – arguably the two primary functions of a good calendar app – easier than ever.

Like the reminders app that comes stock on the iPhone… you can also set push notifications based on a specific time, date, and even a location. Speaking of location… Fantastical provides maps for all events with location data, and even allows users to open these maps in their choice of Google or Apple Maps.

Setup was a breeze. It pulled in all my existing calendar data from my phone, along with Facebook events and Birthdays. Of course you can enable and disable any calendar from view just as easily as ever.

Ultimately, Fantastical 2 is replacing 3 apps (the default Calendar and Reminder apps, along with having to use Apple maps to get directions for my appointments). Fantastical 2 now manages all that stuff for me, all from within a sleek and functional user interface.

Download it today. You won’t be disappointed.

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