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Agent websites get neighborhood discovery tool

By January 19, 2015 One Comment

WebsiteBox, the provider of $99 real estate agent websites with listing search capabilities, is partnering with research engine FindTheBest to let agents serve up data on local home sales trends, commuting options, schools, and amenities.

Data culled by FindTheBest is presented to buyers in charts “that are good looking and easy to understand,” increasing the time that they spend on agent websites and making it more likely they’ll call that agent when they’re ready to buy, said WebsiteBox founder and CEO Peyman Aleagha in a statement.

Visuals based on FindTheBest’s data will be automatically included for new WebsiteBox users. Existing users can add the charts to their WebsiteBox sites at no additional cost.

Toronto-based WebsiteBox recently rolled out a lead-response app that alerts agents via text message as soon as a new lead comes in from their site, and a QR code app that helps agents track where their leads come from. Like the company’s ID-capable websites, each app sells for $99.

FindTheBest, a research engine that offers home and neighborhood search tools, also aims to capture the “true essence” of communities by generating “Insights for Places” based on features over- or underrepresented compared to the country as a whole.

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