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Want to hire top talent? 5 interview questions to ask

By December 30, 2014 One Comment

As the modern-day real estate brokerage evolves, intelligent growth is crucial if you want to stay relevant. To sustain smart growth, brokers need to make sure they hire agents who possess the right mindset. Asking the right questions when you first meet with a prospective agent is a great spot to start.

The following five questions are adapted from my own interview process, which I have honed over the years to help me make the best possible connection with potential agents and determine if they will fit within our company culture.

Question 1:

We believe everyone must first start building their business by defining three things: their purpose, their passion, and — most important — what they consider to be their gift. From there, everything and everyone involved in your business plan will be relevant to where you have been, where you are now and where you ardently desire to go.

Tell me: Have you defined your purpose and passion, and have you clearly identified what your gift is?

Question 2:

In my experience, I have found that agents most often want three basic things: the strongest brand affiliation and recognition; the best marketing tools, resources and support; and, understandably, the highest commission split. I have yet to come across a brokerage that could actually offer all three.

Which one of the three would you be most willing to give up: brand, tools and support, or the highest commission split?

(This question is meant to expose how the interviewee is truly “wired” and what he or she really values as a person and a potential agent with your firm.)

Question 3:

When it comes to learning and personal growth, what value, on a scale of 1 to 10, would you put on training and business planning programs?

Question 4:

What is the one thing you value more than anything in this world? Who is the person you value as most important to you in your life?

(This helps target the interviewee’s “why” and often is a person or a promise made — and not just an object or thing. It is important to dig deeper in order to get out of your prospective agent’s head and into his or her heart. One of my favorite things is to assist an agent in finding and defining what this “why” truly is. And the more sincerely you connect with people, the stronger your team will be.)

Question 5:

We believe the relationship with a client is the most precious part of our business. Relationships truly are our currency. It is “the collection of real connection,” as I refer to it. Would you agree that relationships have an immeasurable value?

When you’re on the front lines trying to grow your brokerage, remember to dig in, ask the right questions and let your actions speak louder than words. This will enable you to hire effectively and grow your brokerage with smart, talented agents who naturally fit within the desired culture.

Leighton Dees is the CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Generations and a graphic designer and marketing junkie at heart.

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