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TMZ and Architectural Digest flip out over Beverly Hills broker’s home

By January 21, 2015 One Comment

You know you must have done something right if TMZ and Architectural Digest are both gushing over the home that took you seven years to build.

Architectural Digest calls real estate broker Kurt Rappaport’s Malibu home, situated on 6 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a “masterful composition of intersecting planes and volumes” that “marries the gravitas of concrete piers and walls with the lightness of glass.”

TMZ simply describes the 22,000-square-foot modern mansion as “insane,” and lets the pictures do the talking.

Now that the home is finally done, don’t expect the co-founder of Westside Estate Agency (WEA) to stay for long. After restoring the former See’s Candy Estate in Beverly Hills, Rappaport sold it to Tom Cruise in 2007. He flipped another Beverly Hills estate in 2010 that he’d owned and rebuilt.

Architectural designer Scott Mitchell, who helped Rappaport restore the home he sold to Cruise, started working on the Malibu project in 2006, collaborating with New York interior designer Denise Kuriger.

“I compare the making of this house to the filming of ‘Titanic,’” Rappaport tells Architectural Digest. He and his fiance, Sarah Mutch, “didn’t know how long it would take or how much it would cost, but we were certain it was going to be great.”

TMZ has already decided that the house is worth $100 million, “a modest $40 million return in the year and a half since completion.”

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