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This showing may be recorded for client satisfaction purposes

By January 23, 2015 One Comment

Should real estate agents just assume that they’re on camera anytime they walk into a listing these days?

For anyone who missed out on the media frenzy when two real estate agents were allegedly caught on camera using a client’s home as a “love nest, consider the case of a Richmond, Virginia real estate agent accused of raiding the kitchen pantry of a home she was showing for a bottle containing a powerful narcotic.


Police said the agent is facing charges of drug possession and larceny, thanks to cameras installed by the homeowner after a pair of earings disappeared at an open house, WTVR CBS 6 reports.

The narcotic in question — liquid hydrocodone — was prescribed as a painkiller to one of the home’s occupants after she had her wisdom teeth removed.

“I took one dose of it, and then I threw it up,” the medicine’s intended beneficiary told CBS 6.

The agent who was charged has had a saleperson’s license since 2011, but records show she has not yet completed an ethics and standards of conduct course required to renew her license, which is scheduled to expire in May.

Surveillance footage also played a role in a 2013 incident in which two Pennsylvania Realtors — husband and wife — were accused of dumping dead animals and knocking over “for sale” signs on their neighbor’s property.

One of the agents was found guilty of harassment and disorderly conduct and ordered to pay a $25 fine. Charges against his wife were dismissed.



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